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Shader Fix?

Okay, here's where I am on the shader front. I have managed to find a potential solution, but encountered some new problems.

After tinkering with the offical Nvidia examples, I found that when using CgFX where the profiles are set to glslv and glslf it will compile and run correctly. Now I am still a bit concerned about the speed issues involved with CgFX, but it might still prove to be a usable solution.

Now I have the problem with the ATI glsl compilers. Apparently it throws a fit when you say "#extension GL_ARB_draw_buffers : require", even when it says it supports that extension. Supposedly it won't complain if it is "#extension GL_ATI_draw_buffers : require". So I may have to have some ATI-specific compiler options for Cg.

I also found out that cgGLGetLatestProfile() returns arbvp, arbfp on ATI gpus. So I would have had to force it to GLSL anyway.

I would really prefer to continue using Cg, but these problems are kind of a pain. :(



It looks like Nvidia bypassed ATI's bug with Cg 2.2, by making it so that shaders needing MRT will say "#extension GL_ATI_draw_buffers : require" instead. Since they support the extension, it will work just as well with an Nvidia GPU. While it annoys me that Nvidia had to compensate for ATI's bug, I am glad that their efforts have saved me from having to deal with it.

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