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Update (4-27-2011)

Hello again my faithful readers!


Let me assure you that I am still alive, and still working toward another big release. I've just encountered a lot of delays with that whole "real life" thing. On the bright side, my 8-5 has taught me the importance of good coding style. Sadly, this is because the decade old code I am updating has poor style, and causes me to cringe every time I look at it. :p


That having been said, I'm hoping that my next major demo will have a greater degree of polish and interactivity. To that end, I am going to add support for an AntTweakBar GUI, Light-Prepass rendering, RSRMs, SSAO, and FXAA. I've also been wanting to experiment with component-based entities, but I am not sure if I am going to work that into my next release.


Keep an eye out everybody! ;)

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