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Update (2-13-2012)

Hey everyone! *waves*

Sorry for the nearly 6 month drought of new content. Things have been kinda hectic on my end, with a slew of things going wrong all at once. Fortunately, I've managed to get most of them solved, and no longer have that as an impediment. More importantly, I now have a new game project in the works!

With the recent release of the Unity 3.5 beta, I now have several critical features I need in order to move forward with my experiments (Linear HDR lighting, RNMs, Light Probes, etc). Now I am in the process of integrating my Physically Based material and Radially Symmetric Reflection Maps (RSRM) systems into Unity 3.5. The initial results have been very promising, so I will follow up with the breakdown of my work and plenty of media very soon.

Keep your eyes peeled and your ears to the ground! ;)

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