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Physical Glass/Gem Prototype


I figured I should be nice and at least give you guys some details. This technique is SM3.0 compatible, and doesn't use alpha blending. :)


I just wanted to show off a test shot from my new physically-based material system that takes full advantage of Unity 3.5's features (ie. Linear HDR pipeline, Directional Lightmaps, Light Probes). 

The particular focus of this shot is my experimental physically-based glass/gem shader. In this scene, you can see two dynamic lights on all the objects, plus baked lighting to fill out the rest of the scene. Please forgive the programmer art, as this is still early and experimental. 

Hope you enjoy it! ;)

Prototype Physically-based Glass Shader

PS. I will give a proper breakdown of the technique in the future, after my team's game project has released.

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