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Alloy 2.1 Released

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Version 2.1

- Added support for Parallax & Parallax Occlusion Mapping modes in "\Core" and "\Transparent\Cutout" shaders.
- Added a TeamColor detail mode to the standard shaders.
- Added archviz-friendly UV1AO2 shader variants.
- Dissolve 
* Added variants to all the standard shaders so it is easier to apply the effect to common materials.
* Changed the Cutoff parameter to use [0,1], rather than [0,1.01].
- Skin 
* Moved to "Skin" folder.
* Generalized to support other shader features (Decal, Detail, Rim, etc)
* Added custom material editor support.
- Modified “Self-Illumin/Glow” and “Self-Illumin/Glow Cutout” to use the custom editor.
- Added support for Skyshop 1.07 and up.
* Box projection is now accessed through skyshop's sky manager UI.
* Added support for sky blending.
* PLEASE NOTE: Alloy will no longer work with older versions of Skyshop due to changes in how they do their calculations.
- Changed the custom editor parameter names and order to improve readability.
- Fixed an issue where the misnamed Decal material map parameter prevented it from showing up in our custom editor.
- Fixed an issue where we weren’t gamma-correcting the transition glow intensity in the Transition shaders.
- Restored support for low-quality vertex lighting mode.

PackedTextures (ie. "_AlloyPM" and "_AlloyDM")
- Added support for setting the Wrap Mode on packed textures.
* Still defaults to "Repeat".
- Added support for setting packed textures to "Automatic TrueColor" format.
* Best to keep it on "Automatic Compressed" unless compression artifacts are harming visuals.
- Added support for setting max size on packed textures.
* Capped to not exceed texture's dimensions.
- Fixed issue where user could accidentally set the packed textures to an invalid format.

NOTE: It is also possible to set the Aniso level, in case you didn't know.

Substance Designer
- SD4.1 shader fix so it no longer manually gamma-corrects the environment map. 

Bug Fixes
- Fixed an issue where our custom material inspector's tab and texture name text was hard to read in Light Skin mode.
- Minor cleanup in our RSRM Generator and Material Map Packer to make them more readable using Light Skin.

The following shaders and paths are to be removed after this release:
"Assets/Alloy/Core/Skin Bumped"

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