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Hi. I'm Josh Ols. Lead Graphics Developer for RUST LTD.


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Alloy Skin Shader Prototype

Since I haven't posted much in a while, here is something cool I have been working on for Alloy. This is a prototype skin shader that employs all of the following:

  • Pre-Integrated SSS
  • Saturated AO
  • Two lobe specular
  • Alloy's standard BRDF + IBL


Check it out!

SSS Head test

Head Scan from Lee Perry-Smith and Infinite Realities


Alloy 2.0 Released!

After a brutal 3 month long rewrite of the framework and a slew of new features, Alloy 2.0 is now available. Among the many improvements is the addition of the following features:

  • Enhanced BRDF with an increased max specular power and improved visibility function
  • View-dependent specular occlusion
  • Packed material maps
  • Specular AA via precomputed Toksvig factor
  • Skyshop integration
  • Substance Designer 4 preview shader
  • A whole bunch more...



Alloy Physical Shader Framework by RUST LTD. forum thread

Alloy Asset Store page


Alloy Released!

At long last, our new physically-based shader framework has been released to the general public. Please feel free to check out the details in our anouncement thread:


Alloy Announcement 2

Okay, so here's where we are. The ball is rolling on getting our stuff into the asset store. Though it looks like we won't be in until mid-november. Sorry if any hopes were dashed, but worry not.

Awesome stuff is on the way! ;)


Alloy Anouncement

Sorry for the long silence folks. We over at RUST ltd. have been working on something BIG! Our very first product for the Unity asset store! XD

"Alloy", as it is called, is the refined version of the physically-based shader system that we used for Museum of the Microstar. The package is planned to have the full set of shaders, documentation, working examples, etc and will be followed shortly by a planned video tutorial series. 

If all goes according to plan, we will release on Tuesday. Keep an eye out. ;)