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Hi. I'm Josh Ols. Lead Graphics Developer for RUST LTD.


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On Unity 5.0's new deferred renderer

Among the many things coming in Unity 5.0, I am most excited about the new fat g-buffer deferred renderer. However, some things will need to fall into place for me to take full advantage of its power:

  1. It must allow me to override the lighting shaders, like I can now.
  2. It must let me, at a minimum, store a single low precision custom channel in the g-buffer so I can pass specular occlusion to the lighting shaders.

If I can't pass specular occlusion, then I won't be able to support proper per-light fresnel. Granted, even if I don't have that it will still be an improvement over our current situation because I can finally have properly colored specular highlights. Still, I hope that Unity, or more specifically Aras, is listening to this plea and can work something out. ;)


Alloy Skin Shader Prototype

Since I haven't posted much in a while, here is something cool I have been working on for Alloy. This is a prototype skin shader that employs all of the following:

  • Pre-Integrated SSS
  • Saturated AO
  • Two lobe specular
  • Alloy's standard BRDF + IBL


Check it out!

SSS Head test

Head Scan from Lee Perry-Smith and Infinite Realities


Alloy 2.0 Released!

After a brutal 3 month long rewrite of the framework and a slew of new features, Alloy 2.0 is now available. Among the many improvements is the addition of the following features:

  • Enhanced BRDF with an increased max specular power and improved visibility function
  • View-dependent specular occlusion
  • Packed material maps
  • Specular AA via precomputed Toksvig factor
  • Skyshop integration
  • Substance Designer 4 preview shader
  • A whole bunch more...



Alloy Physical Shader Framework by RUST LTD. forum thread

Alloy Asset Store page


Alloy Released!

At long last, our new physically-based shader framework has been released to the general public. Please feel free to check out the details in our anouncement thread:

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