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Hi. I'm Josh Ols. Lead Graphics Developer for RUST LTD.


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Update (4-29-2012)

Hey guys, sorry for the long silence. I've been working with my friend's group RUST ltd. on their brand new indie game project. Unfortunately, I can't show you anything right now, but we will be officially unveiling it very soon. On that note, I can tell you without any hesitation that it is probably the best looking thing you will find on the Unity3D platform. ;)

Other than that, I have been spending time on Kickstarter trying to help fund the Leisure Suit Larry remakes. We're currently shooting for $650K before the deadline on Wednesday so that they will add a bunch of new content. Any of my readers who wish to chip in, please do so now. :p

Take care. *waves*


Update (2-13-2012)

Hey everyone! *waves*

Sorry for the nearly 6 month drought of new content. Things have been kinda hectic on my end, with a slew of things going wrong all at once. Fortunately, I've managed to get most of them solved, and no longer have that as an impediment. More importantly, I now have a new game project in the works!

With the recent release of the Unity 3.5 beta, I now have several critical features I need in order to move forward with my experiments (Linear HDR lighting, RNMs, Light Probes, etc). Now I am in the process of integrating my Physically Based material and Radially Symmetric Reflection Maps (RSRM) systems into Unity 3.5. The initial results have been very promising, so I will follow up with the breakdown of my work and plenty of media very soon.

Keep your eyes peeled and your ears to the ground! ;)


Update (4-27-2011)

Hello again my faithful readers!


Let me assure you that I am still alive, and still working toward another big release. I've just encountered a lot of delays with that whole "real life" thing. On the bright side, my 8-5 has taught me the importance of good coding style. Sadly, this is because the decade old code I am updating has poor style, and causes me to cringe every time I look at it. :p


That having been said, I'm hoping that my next major demo will have a greater degree of polish and interactivity. To that end, I am going to add support for an AntTweakBar GUI, Light-Prepass rendering, RSRMs, SSAO, and FXAA. I've also been wanting to experiment with component-based entities, but I am not sure if I am going to work that into my next release.


Keep an eye out everybody! ;)


Update (1-23-2011)

Recently, I came to a conclusion that I have been resisting for some time now. I have decided to start doing my rapid prototyping experiments using C# and XNA 4.0. Quite frankly, the platform provides a lot of convenient features for testing with minimal effort and code. Most importantly, it frees me from having to develop stable, general abstraction for the PC platform and its resources.

This is not to say that I am completely abandoning C++ and OpenGL. Rather, I am saving them for my game engine, where portability and efficiency will be most important. I will take what I have learned from my C#/XNA work to develop a higher-level interface in C++. This way, I can limit the features/abstraction to only what my game requires, and trim away the more general features.

Other than that, I'm working on a new article that I will try to post either later tonight or tomorrow. Stay tuned! ;)


Update (1-16-2011)

First post of the new year! Anyway, I wanted to let everyone know that I have managed to find stable employment. So there is potential for some slowdown in the blog updates, particularly in the first month before I relocate closer to my new place of employment. Rest assured, I will make all efforts to keep posting new information, even if it is relatively terse.