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Hi. I'm Josh Ols. Lead Graphics Developer for RUST LTD.


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Update (9/8/2010)

I made some changes to my blog and project code, so it's time for another mini-update!


Blog Changes:

I've added an index to the right section of my blog pages, containing links to all my major articles/videos/etc. This change should make it easier for someone browsing my site to access the most relevant content I have posted. Now, you won't have to sift through the un-labeled archives to get to the information that you seek.


Lighting Buffer:

I have switched my Light Pre-Pass renderer's Light Accumulation Buffer over to an RGBA16F format. This decision was motivated by the need to have true HDR light blending, while being cross-API compatible for SM 3.0 hardware. Of course, this means I will have to resort to using the specular intensity trick to approximate colored specular lighting. However, I have decided that that is a more forgivable visual artifact than banding.


Update (8/14/2010)

My next article is not quite ready, so I thought I'd do a minor update to let everyone know I'm still here.



Up to this point, I have been having a hard time making it easy to distinguish Deferred Shading from Deferred Lighting. So I've decided to start using Light Pre-Pass (LPP) to refer to my renderer, in order to avoid ambiguity in my future posts. Besides, I feel like I should be giving props to Wolfgang Engel, since it seems like he was the first to come up with the idea. :p


Dominance War:

I recently found out about this big annual game art competition called Dominance War, which has some amazing 2D concept art & 3D game models. The 3D art has given me a great deal of inspiration, and has allowed me to start imagining the kinds of visuals I'd like for my own game. It has also allowed me to see some of the recurring artistic choices made for my favorite pieces, in terms of textures/materials/lighting/etc. Ultimately, I plan to put this research to good use while designing my renderer.


That's it for now, but more should be on the way soon. ;)


Update (6/30/2010)

Sorry for the lack of new posts folks. Truth be told, I have several potential articles in the pipeline, but I don't feel any of them are quite ready for primetime. As for project updates, I'm currently debating with myself whether or not I should drop Gloss from my g-buffer in favor of raw normals. That way, I can get a decent speed-up for lighting, SSAO, etc.


There's more on the way, so keep your ears to the ground. ;)


I'm not dead

Sorry about the lack of updates folks. I have been meandering a bit since my last experiment didn't pan out. Plus, the never-ending search for a decent career may finally amount to something, so that needs my attention right now. However, I do have some articles planned for the not too distant future, so don't worry. ;)


Project videos

You can only convey so much information with still images. Particularly in the field of computer graphics and shading, where many effects need to be seen in motion. So with that in mind, I have decided to start including videos with my blog posts so that you can see the effects in action.

I will be using FRAPS to record my videos, so I can standardize the quality at 720p 30Hz HD. All of them will be hosted by the equally useful Vimeo service. So you can safely expect to see excellent quality that won't compromise the visuals.

For my first video, I have updated my Self-Shadowed Bump map post. Check it out, and leave me some comments.